This Is Why Plumbed Coffee Machines Are Amazing

This is how it works: You go to your coffee maker at the beginning of the morning, add your grind, cup, or coffee pod. The brew button is pressed without water being added to the reservoir. Your coffee is brewed automatically without your intervention.

The Dream! This is what I believe we all desire.

It’s what I want to do first thing in the AM. I don’t like to get up in the morning and have to prepare a lot. I don’t want to fill the water tank at the tap while my kids, dogs, and cats are screaming at me, all the while I get ready for work.

This isn’t a fantasy, however.

A plumbed coffee machine can be installed in your kitchen with a water line connection. These are far superior to machines with removable reservoirs.

This article will show you how to modify your coffee pot using kits such as the umjava kit. It also includes a few options that can be used straight out of the box, making your mornings a little more pleasant.

The Keurig K150 is the best home machine for auto-filling, but it can be difficult to find these machines for sale unless you are selling through third parties on Amazon and eBay.

First, you’d buy the K150. Then, you would purchase the K150 waterline kits. This is basically a tank replacement kit with the waterline and valves already attached.

Installing the umjava kit will allow you to add water to your tank, whether you have a Nespresso machine or a reservoir-based coffee maker.

PureWater Filters also offers a universal waterline kit that works with all reservoir coffee machines. However, it is more costly due to the additional water filter.

It is important to remember that the umjava and PureWater filters kits won’t work if you don’t mind drilling a hole in your existing water reservoir for the water intake.

You can’t do it if you don’t wish to.

It’s easier than you think to connect your coffee maker with the water line.

You will need to be familiar with basic plumbing if you wish to upgrade your coffeemaker at home to include a connection to the water line.

Similar to how you would connect a water line to a refrigerator or dishwasher, you can do the same with your coffee pot. While this job may seem daunting to some, it is possible for most people. As long as it is not recessed into the wall.

It is easy to connect a coffeemaker to your home’s water supply. It’s easy to set up a coffee maker that can handle the setup. Then it’s about buying the right accessories and following the instructions.

You will need to buy an additional item for the average system unless you purchase a plumbed set.

  • water lines,
  • Water filters (if you wish)
  • The right fittings for your line.

These items can be easily found at Amazon, a local plumbers supply shop, or even your local Home Depot.

It is easier to purchase the kits assembled, but you can still save some money by putting them together.

This video shows how to install a DIY plumbing kit on a Keurig coffee machine. It includes a float valve that allows for automatic filling.

HiBREW offers a pre-assembled kit that works with older keurigs that use the same lid style.

This kit is suitable for older models of keurigs. However, many people don’t like the automatic style. The float valves can leak or fail which could lead to a flood in your kitchen.

To reduce the possibility of flooding and leakage, you can opt to replace the automatic water refill with a ball valve that you can manually turn to fill the water reservoir.

PureWater Filters’ universal kit doesn’t require a float to fill your tank or shut off the water valve. Instead, it connects to your reservoir via a small hole that you drill. You can then open the water valve to add water to your tank. Once it is full, you can shut off the valve manually.

For safe, instant water, use a shutoff valve to connect the water line to your coffeemaker.

Although this is a manual task, most people do it while their coffee maker is brewing. It usually takes less than 10 seconds to change the water in the reservoir of your refrigerator or dishwasher water line you will likely tap into.

This setup is also safer because it’s almost impossible to flood your kitchen with water if you don’t turn the water off and then walk away.

Self-Filling Coffee Makers that Require Very Little Work

These are the top home coffee machines on sale right now that can be connected to water supply lines.

Single-cup coffee machines are my favorite because they are super easy to use. Full pot coffee makers with an external water tank can be refilled at your sink are great options.

Also of note, every Nespresso machine can use the universal kits too because they also feature removable water tanks that must be refilled over and over and over.

The Keurig B150/K150 Brewing Systems

You will need to purchase the Keurig plumb set if you choose this route. This is basically a replacement reservoir for the water line connection.

This 10-cup drip coffee machine is top-of-the-line in every way. It connects to your kitchen water line just like a refrigerator. The coffee pot is then ready to use.

This machine is designed to be connected directly to your water supply. It doesn’t even need a traditional reservoir – it must be connected to your water supply to function.

You’ll get the best coffee every time if you can hook up a water filter to it. That’s a great idea!

This should not be a surprise, but either one of these would make great gifts for coffee lovers!

Step 1: Connect Keurig Water Line – Step 2, Coffee on Demand

It takes a bit of time and a Keurig water supply kit that doesn’t cost much. If you already own a reservoir brewer, all you need to do is to connect the water supply to the tools and accessories included in the kit.

The hardest part of getting your plumbed Keurig working is actually how to run it from the underside of the sink to the top. It is best to run it through the wall, but it can be very easy to simply drape a water line from the countertop to your coffee pot in some kitchens. These lines can be draped behind the refrigerator and on the way to the dishwasher.

It is well worth the investment to have a Keurig that has a water line. You can always make it more creative.

This is the most efficient Keurig for running a direct water system.

You still need to maintain your auto fill coffee maker

This last point is important to mention. Even though water flows through the machine by itself, you’ll still need to periodically take it apart and clean it with vinegar or a descaler.

Minerals in water can slow down your heating element’s performance and cause it to work harder. A descaler is necessary to prevent coffee oils from building up. Vinegar may not be enough.

One last point…

This is a big deal for people who prefer to clean the coffee pot in the morning, rather than after they have finished their coffee earlier in the day.

To get the most out of a directly plumbed coffee machine, you’ll need to make a habit of washing your pot and grinding basket before going to bed. This will ensure that you don’t have any water to clean up in the morning. This is actually my biggest problem.

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