The New Windows 11 Update: 8 Best Productivity Features

On June 24, Microsoft confirmed what many have been anticipating for weeks. Windows 7 will soon be released in a new version. The latest version of Windows includes many new features. Snap layout, snap groups and improved docking experience are just a few of the new features.

These are the top Windows 11 innovations that will help you be more productive and efficient.

1. Snap Layout

FancyZones will be well-known to Windows power users. You can snap your programs to certain sections of the screen using PowerToys. This is the ideal tool for those who work on large or ultrawide screens.

This is possible with windows 11 päivitys. You don’t need PowerToys. Windows 11 will display layout options that are based on the size of your screen as soon as your mouse hovers over the restore icon.

With just a few clicks, you can arrange your apps in the most efficient way for you. This saves you time and effort.

Windows will save the Snap Layouts and automatically group them. We’ll get to that in a moment.

2. Snap Groups

Snap Layout allows you to arrange your Windows in any way you want. You will lose your existing app layout if you open a new program. You’ll lose the arrangement and will have to re-select the apps that you use.

This is no longer an issue with Windows 11. You can see all other programs in the Snap Layout group by clicking on it.

Let’s take, for example, Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Slack open in a Snap Layout. You had to click on the taskbar to return to the apps you opened in Windows 1.0.

Windows 11 allows you to open any app in the Snap Group and all the other linked windows will be redirected to the original layout.

3. It’s easy to unlock

Many people use an external display for their laptops and mobile devices. Windows will attempt to fit all your apps onto your laptop screen if you disconnect your computer from the monitor with open applications.

This causes a messy desktop with all your open programs scattered across the rest of the screen. Windows 11 will reduce all apps on the external display by dragging them to the taskbar when you undock the computer.

When you dock your device to the display again, the Snap Group will be restored. Even if you bring your laptop, all your apps will still be available on the external screen.

4. Microsoft Teams Integration

Windows 11 includes a Microsoft Teams-integrated messaging and collaboration app. You can now send and receive messages as well as make video calls directly from your desktop.

Although it isn’t as well-known as Messenger and Zoom, it’s still a useful feature. Now you can communicate directly from your desktop with anyone who has a Teams account.

Microsoft Teams is available on both iOS and Android. This means it can reach even more people. It will be interesting to see if the feature is adopted by the rest of society.

Windows Widgets was first introduced with Vista. It allows you to have mini-apps right on your desktop. When security flaws were discovered, it was removed from Windows.

It’s great that Microsoft has brought widgets back to Windows 11 with Android and iOS having them.

Windows Widgets allows you to see a quick snapshot of your calendar, task list, email, and many other details. Access relevant news stories and content right from your desktop.

6. New Windows Gestures

Professionals are often hesitant about owning two-in-1 laptops or touchscreen displays. Because Windows is not as intuitively mapped with your fingers, it can be difficult to navigate Windows.

Windows 11 changes this. Microsoft designed Windows 11 to be used with both hands and a mouse. Windows 11’s computer mode retains its familiar user interface. It tweaks the interface to make it easier to use in tablet mode.

Because fingers aren’t as precise as cursors and cannot see what they are tapping, cursors can be more accurate than fingertips. They added larger touch targets and more space between icons to make it easier for users to tap. Visual cues are also available to help with moving and resizing apps.

Microsoft used the same touchpad gestures for navigation. To use your touchscreen effectively, you don’t need to learn anything. Windows 11 is intuitive and simple to use in tablet and laptop modes.

7. The Windows Store Redesigned

Windows 11 has an entirely rebuilt app store. This is fantastic news as the Microsoft Store currently has many issues.

The new Windows Store will offer the same Windows apps that you are used to, plus more. You can now download software directly from Microsoft, making your experience more secure. This ensures that you can install software without any malware.

Microsoft claims they don’t take a cut of developers, which is the best part. Software prices will be comparable or even lower than elsewhere, so you can expect them to keep their prices the same.

8. Android Apps for Windows 11

This is the most surprising thing of all. Android apps can now be downloaded on Windows 11 via the Amazon Appstore.

This feature allows you to run more than 3,000,000 apps on Google Play. You can also run many iOS apps from Android on your PC.

Windows integrates these apps in the taskbar and start menu just like other programs. Snap Layout can be used to organize Android apps along with your Windows apps.

Intel’s Bridge Technology allows Android apps to feel like native Windows apps. This innovation makes it seamless and simple to work on your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Windows’ Future is Here

Recent changes have impacted our work environment. Many jobs can now be done from home or anywhere else. Window’s most recent innovations reflect our increased dependence on mobile and portable devices.

This is the best part! You’ll receive a free upgrade to Windows 11 as long as your computer supports it. Microsoft has not yet announced a launch date. It is expected to launch in the second half of 2021.

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