Scary places in Ohio are everywhere you look. Even if you haven’t been to the hill town of Akron, you can drive down the famous Ohio River Valley Road and get your first taste of Ohio nightlife. Along the way you’ll see the most famous hauntings in Ohio: the grave-filled graveyard of Akron, the ghostly Spanish village of Cesville, and the haunting Ohio River Valley house that burned in World War II. If you like your ghost stories creepy and realistic, haunted places in Ohio offer plenty of scary things to explore. Whether you live in Mentor, Oberlin, Avon, or Youngstown, there are dozens of real haunted places in Ohio that are waiting to give you a chill.

The batsman building is one of the scariest places in Ohio. Once, the site of a major wool industry, the bissman building is now home to the paranormal society The Union Hall Association. This organization hosts regular meetings at the beautiful historic bissman building. Ghost stories and paranormal investigations are often conducted at the batsman building. Tourists are invited to come and see for themselves what spooks the town. If you want to experience the paranormal side of Ohio, Union Hall may be the place for you.

A few hours north of the bissman building is the haunted C Street lodging. The C Street Entrance has been defined as the world’s premier destination for authentic Ohio tours and dark nighttime adventures. You’ll discover the history of the original hotels, the gruesome execution of the “hung” king and queen, and the horrifying secret behind the “blood sacrifice” that killed King George. The bloodied doors that still stand today open to reveal the chilling sounds of screams and violence. And don’t be afraid to bring your camera. You never know when you might capture something else that will make the haunted C Street experiences all the more real and enjoyable.

In the heart of the southern hospitality belt, you have the ghostly Comfort Inn lodging in Middletown. It is the scariest place in Ohio, but don’t think it’s just a holiday inn or place to stay for the night. Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators visit this popular haunted house on a regular basis to conduct their investigations. If you want to get up close and personal with ghosts and the spirits of those who have passed on, this is the place for you. You can also enjoy the award winning haunted house show every Friday at the main stage in the back lot.

West Chester Ohio offers visitors lots of exciting attractions and activities. Check out the newly renovated King’s Place Mall. Built here to be one of the premier shopping malls in the United States, visitors can find the best in designer apparel, electronics, furniture, unique gift ideas, and seasonal promotions.

If you love the thrill of the mystery and the thrills that come with ghosts and the supernatural, Ohio’s Barber Institute will give you the thrill you crave. The Ghosts & Legends Tour at the institute to give you a behind-the-scenes tour of the historic haunted building. There are also tours of the adjacent Hamilton County Jail and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. If visiting your loved ones is important to you, the Ghosts & Legends Tour is also a great way to spend time with them. The tour will allow you to meet some of the people who wrote about their experiences in the haunted institution. Then at the conclusion of the tour, you can be serviced by a professional tour guide who will take you back to the reformed palace theater where you can see the spectacular Halloween displays.

If you like the paranormal and the haunting of historic homes and buildings, then you definitely want to check out the Gothic Cave Tours in northeast Ohio. The tour guides have been trained and certified in paranormal investigations. They will bring you to the grounds where the original limestone cave is located so that you can hear the original sounds of the bats and other creatures of the supernatural. Also, there are many dark secrets that you can learn about the history of the cave from the experts.

For those who like a good road trip, the Spooky Hollow Haunted House in Mentor is the perfect place to end your road trip in Ohio. This beautiful house features over forty haunted spots that are sure to give you goosebumps. You will end your tour of Ohio with the ability to wander through wooded areas and listen to the creaking of the wood on your way out of the woods. If you want to know more about the ghosts that reside in this special house, you can also tour the grounds where the original homestead was built. This is sure to give you a real sense of the past.

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