S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Game Mod List: Find Out The 5 Best Mods For This Game

Because finding, buying, and organizing your mods can be time-consuming, standalone mods are fantastic. You only need one mod to create a brand-new game. Here are 10 excellent mods that will improve your S.T.A.L.K.E.R gameplay.

1. Chernobyl Call

Call of Chernobyl won an Editor’s Choice award and finished ninth in the Player’s Choice category when it was initially published in 2015. It was named Mod of the Year on moddb.com in 2016.

At its core, a vanilla mod

When CoC originally came out, I played it in its vanilla form, which is rather uninteresting. The intriguing part of it comes from the add-ons for it. There are addons for practically everything you can think of, including replacing weapons, improving the appearance, adding missions, and more.

Additionally, vanilla CoC has a propensity to behave a bit too much like Clear Sky. A little bit of modification might just remove the bad taste of CS from your mouth like it did mine because not only does it look the same, but factions interact with one another similarly as well. Desolation or a comparable mod that shortens spawn times is what I’d suggest.

All Maps in One Location

Stalker Soup and Solyanka are bigger mods in terms of the quantity of maps than CoC, but it does integrate all the maps from the three Stalker games into one. I really like the SoC versions of maps like Cordon, therefore I tend to deduct points for utilizing the Clear Sky versions.

Setting and Backing Things up

Setting things up can take some time, and there’s also the tedious task of backing up data and ensuring that no mods are incompatible with one another. This is pretty much the only aspect of CoC that I find objectionable, and whenever it is proposed that they group several of these mods together or even include them in the main game, I always wholeheartedly concur.

Technically, this Mod isn’t a Standalone Mod.

CoC isn’t strictly a standalone game either, at least not by the standards of this list’s title. As long as you have a legitimate copy of Call of Pripyat, you can install the game in a different directory (retail, Steam, GoG, etc.). After that, you are free to do whatever you wish, including entirely remove CoP.

Getting your copy of CoC exactly how you want it can take some time. With the addons, it is very customizable, but compatibility is a problem. Some of the add-ons, in my opinion, are not just suggested—they’re absolutely essential. I discovered that the stock version of CoC crashed rather frequently, but after installing a mod (I’m sorry, I’m not sure which one), I actually experienced fewer problems. I can now complete a playthrough without experiencing a single CTD. My sole hypothesis in this case is that a problematic asset in vanilla CoC, even in a patched, current version, was effectively rewritten.

It’s the best there is

Still, this is about as good as it gets right now for S.T.A.L.K.E.R mods. With the addition of new mutants, greater damage (including wound scaling depending on body parts wounded, which is something most mods/addons don’t really take into account), and more, it can be as beautiful and challenging as you want it to be. CoC also has the ability to install an addon with HD model replacements for NPC characters as well as the player character, which is something that most modifications cannot do. This is, in my opinion, one of its better aspects since, although having finer landscapes and weapons is nice, the outdated character models do in fact require some improvement.

2. The Evolution of Old Good Stalker

The most refined stalker experience may be found in Old Good Stalker Evolution. It is said to have fewer issues than the majority of other stalker mods, and you may play about with the launcher menu before using it to make it quite customized. It makes it easy to modify factors like carrying weight and others that would normally need for editing the game’s configuration files—something that not everyone, including myself, feels comfortable doing.

With the exception of a few extra tasks, the plot is mostly the same as the original SoC. Although some have criticized the overall combat as being a tad weak, it contains new weapons that are decently rendered.

Original Content

There are elements in OGSE that I haven’t seen in other modifications, such mutants or animals being able to eat corpses until all that’s left is a skeleton. Similar attempts were made by the creators of Call of Chernobyl, who used a zombie model (which was removed from the original game; it was intended to be a simple adversary) to represent a dead body that was impenetrable to looting. It wasn’t very functional and was unattractive.
Hovering your mouse over each stash on the map will also show you a preview of what lies within. The original games occasionally did this, but not in great detail, and mods like CoC don’t let you know what is in a stash or whether it is even worthwhile to pursue.

Driving is one of OGSE’s most outstanding capabilities. In contrast to, say, Lost Alpha, which demands you to fill up your tank every mile, the vehicle handling is fairly good and the fuel economy is also more realistic. Additionally rare in the game is petrol.

Enemy Improvements

Even some of the adversaries have been improved. The controller stands out the most. Being too close to a controller might be dangerous for the gamer because they are powerful opponents. When one is around, a player will start to notice a spinning screen, and if they catch your attention, they may even turn you into a zombie! The gradual transformation into a zombie takes days and is practically incurable, at least using most traditional techniques. In fact, dealing with this early on in the game really reduced the amount of time I spent playing this mod altogether. After that, I was fatigued, and I’ll have to repeat it at some time to make up for it.

Some find it too bland.

I can’t help but think that OGSE is kind of dull, like vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, despite the minor improvements. It differs from the original only slightly in that it is less buggy. Except for Cordon, which has a pond in it that wasn’t there before, and some of the character representations, the maps are essentially identical. This may be appealing to you if you want to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but don’t feel like playing the original game’s vanilla version; nonetheless, seasoned stalkers hoping for anything more drastically different are unlikely to find it here.

Note that the most recent Version 2, with its 2.10R patch, is the final one because OGSE is no longer being updated. The group is now working on the OGSR, or Old Good Stalker Remastered, project.

3. Anomaly

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mods peaked with this one. Anomaly, which is based on Call of Chernobyl, is essentially a big mod pack for CoC, but it is presented in such a polished way and is entirely standalone, so no S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game is required to play it.

Key Is Stability

With almost any crashes, freezes, or problems, it is reputed to be the most stable mod available. Because it uses a specially developed XRay-Monolith engine, an x64 version of the X-Ray engine, there is naturally greater stability and less restriction on RAM usage. This is one of the problems with the original game and almost all other mods because they weren’t made with modern technology and operating systems in mind.

Numerous Menu Options

What I enjoy about Anomaly is that it emulates OGSE by offering a menu choice for everything. You can change or remove any part of the mod that you don’t like, making the experience as easy or challenging as you wish.

Apart from that, it is essentially the same Freeplay sandbox experience as Call of Duty, with just a few additional quest kinds and a scant attention to narrative, largely taking place in the area following Call of Pripyat.

4. Silence

The original Misery mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Call of Pripyat has evolved logically into Dead Air. Call of Chernobyl was based on Misery, while Call of Misery was based on Misery. Next came Last Day, Dead Air, a stand-alone game after that.

Last Chance

Dead Air’s exploration of more extreme zone scenarios—often in the form of third-party game mode addons that are supported—that ultimately lead to the phrase “Last Stand” are what initially drew me to the game. One such scenario is faction battles, but with a much higher degree of finality. This game option pits you against mutants, zombies, anomalies, radiation, and any other threats the environment may throw at you as the last stalker left alive in the zone.

One for survival

Many people criticize other mods’ features, such as how easy or difficult the economy is. Last Stand completely eliminates it, leaving you with no choice but to rely on hunting, scavenging, and salvage to survive. You are your only source of support. I’ve been wanting the main S.T.A.L.K.E.R. experience for a long time.

Although there are fewer updates, the mod is still being developed, with new features and newly created levels being introduced.

5. Stalker Soup

Have you ever considered the design of the ideal S.T.A.L.K.E.R game? I believe Stalker Soup tried to accomplish that with good motives. It seeks to translate the content from Narodnaya Soljanka, a Russian S.T.A.L.K.E.R. mod, as well as from a number of other mods, thereby turning Soup into a gigantic mod.

Numerous New Items

It adds new maps, many of which have a vacant appearance and little activity, new weapons (many of them), and more. New elements have also been added to the story mode, giving Soup a peculiar sensation in the end, replete with dream sequences and other elements. There’s a good probability David Lynch would have helmed it if it were a movie. I attempted the Collector Freeplay option because that’s more my style, but I have to admit that the game is glitchy and crashes are unavoidable. I could not navigate a portion of Rostok—what most people would call the bar—without it crashing.

Regrettably unfinished

This makes it necessary for you to use alternate paths to access locations, and the graphics, especially in places like the X-Labs, are so terrible. It’s obvious that they tried to incorporate concepts from shows like Lost Alpha, but the finished product is unsightly because the texturing and lighting are awful and the underground lab portions mix together. It’s pretty telling how unfinished this place is out of all the locations I visited.

The scenery graphics and other topside elements appear nice, for the most part, but the character models, especially those of the opponents, are quite bad. Some of them hardly resemble anything from the original games at all.

A Good Obstacle

On the plus side, the game is difficult. The majority of opponents are killed by a single well-placed shot, and the player is also susceptible to this. You will utilize the prone function constantly when playing this game because it is incorporated into the game and is frequently requested in other mods (it was an addition for an earlier version of CoC, for example).

More bugs equate to more content

I like some of Soup’s content, which is frequently based on ideas that other Jenny mod for Minecraft have attempted to incorporate into their game, such as a decoder that extracts money from stalkers you kill (or from their PDAs, to be precise), but sometimes it can result in a game becoming oversaturated because for every good idea, there are plenty of ones that aren’t so good. I believe that this is the main cause of Soup’s instability because more content simply means more things to It appears like TecnoBacon is trying to seal leaks in a ship, and when one leak is plugged, water just rises from another hole. However, the author of Soup is helpful and always available (something I don’t see with other mod authors).

A Challenge, But Extremely Annoying

Soup may be the mod for those who want challenging gameplay, a lot of new content, and new areas to explore, but the experience may end up being too frustrating because your game will probably crash frequently and, on top of that, you cannot sprint anywhere in the game. Well, you can sprint, but you probably wouldn’t want to because you’ll just run into yet another anomaly that will kill you and force you to load another quicksave (which, if you aren’t aware, will require you to load.

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