Raid: Shadow Legends Player Perspective

What is RAID Shadow Legends’ main monetization strategy? We’ll be looking at the key factors driving gameplay to answer this question. What do you need to play the game to reach the “next level”?

This post will take a look from the player’s perspective at RAID: Shadow Legends energy system and how to collect/upgrade champions. If you’re interested in the complete breakdown of the features and their implementation photos, you can view the GameRefinery service for the complete feature breakdown.

To continue playing the game, you need to know 2 things: Shadow Legends

  • Refills Daily and Increases Your Level
  • Used to purchase potions to replenish your energy (one potion equals one day’s worth).

Dungeons and Campaigns require energy to play the game. However, the more level you are at, the more energy they will need. This means that you’ll eventually run out of energy. You can’t do enough with your daily energy as a player. To grind, you need at least half of your daily energy.

These recurring events are often related to grinding Dungeons and leveling up champions. This,, allows you to get items, coins, and skill books. This can consume a lot of energy. You can easily exhaust 10x your daily energy per day if you use Multi-Battle mechanic. It allows you to grind the exact same level 30 times per day. You can choose to buy a 1-month or 6-month package which allows you to increase the Multi-Battles to 100. However, this will require a lot more energy, though it will allow you to do a lot.

There are several ways to replenish your energy. You can do this by:

  • Daily quests to replenish your energy levels x1
    completing weekly quests
  • Participating in Events (they may consume your coins though, if you want to upgrade items or to grind dungeons).
  • You can gain a little energy from the Clan activity chest, or receive 500 energy once per week from Daily Login Rewards (but it is not a permanent method of gaining energy; it’s more temporary).
  • The best way to get Gems is to buy Gems. I love the option of purchasing a monthly gem pack which will give me a daily Gem Pack that will give me X amount gems each day. I can then use these gems to purchase Energy Potions to replenish my energy.

RAID: Shadow Legends Champions

The vast array of champions available in RAID Shadow Legends in the form of Epic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, Rare, Rare, Epic, and Rare is one of the most important things. Yes, they are often better than those that are less rare.

Each champion has their own affinity or faction. There are four affinity types in total. Three of them work against each other, like “rock paper & scissors”, one has an advantage over the other, but is bad for another. There is also one affinity that is neutral and does not have any advantages or disadvantages over the others.

You want to be able to summon the best combination possible, such as for Arena, Dungeons or Campaign, so you need to have as many champions and top-tier champions available as possible. You summon these champions with Shards. There are four types of shards that you can use: Mystery Ancient Void Legendary, Void, Ancient and Void.

While you chase the champions you want, there is a boosted summoning event which will increase the chances that certain Shards summon a Legendary Champion. These limited-time IAP deals are available to you. You can either purchase Shards through these offers or you can use the regular shop to purchase Shards. I think Limited-time IAP offers are the best. You might also find gems helpful. Gems can be used to purchase Ancient Shards and coins in addition to energy refills. (see the first span>

Perhaps you have saved some Shards to use in these types of events. From personal experience, I have found that you can use them immediately after you receive them from Dungeons or Campaign/weekly, or monthly quests. These summoning events will require you to at least attempt to save them as a player. You get more points for summoning rare champions.

You will need to level up champions until you reach certain levels. These chickens can be obtained by taking advantage of limited-time IAP deals.

To upgrade a champion to lvl 50 and reach the level where it can hit level 60, you must sacrifice five champions with the same rank. This champion will be upgraded to level 50, but it will drop to level 1. You must then level the champion to level 60 to reach the level cap.

The rarer the champion that you summon, it will be able to reach a higher rank because it is already at a higher rank. Legendary champions can automatically reach level 50, which means they can be called “5-star champions”, while Epic champions can reach level 40 to become “4-star champions”, and so on.

In RAID: Shadow Legends Legendary Champions are the champions you want to become as a player. They are generally the most powerful and begin at the highest level. They are rare though. There is one downside to them: each champion can upgrade their skills X number of times depending on which skill tome they have. You can obtain 3 types of skill tomes: Epic, Rare, and Legendary. These are available through achievements, quests, events, and other activities. One Legendary tome costs 28EUR and you can get 5x the Rare skill tomes for around 11EUR.

The champion’s stats can be increased by climbing them. This requires potions. You can buy them or obtain them from Dungeons. You will need more potions depending on how high you are levelling up the champion. Or you can combine potions that cost more coin. Because each champion has its own affinity, you need a different primary potion for ascending. These are available as a Limited Time IAP Offer. These are quite common as some champions cannot unlock or upgrade their skills until they reach a certain level.

RAID: Shadow Legends Items & Masteries

You’ll need the best equipment to be able to champion the best. The best way to do this is through Dungeons. The “power” of an item is determined by two factors. It depends on rarity just as champions. But it also depends on stars that range between 1 and 6. These items can be upgraded with coins up to level 16. This can become quite expensive, as the cost per level increases and the likelihood of reaching the upgrade decreases. You can spend all coins you earned from grinding or selling Dungeons items. It’s worthwhile, though, because it will greatly improve your champions.

You have options. When you run out coins, you can either sell your items or buy coins with Gems. Or you can shop with real money. The best way to get energy is to grind dungeons. Finding items that match your champion is the hardest part. Skills dmg can be based on defense stat, HP, etc. Depending on the champion.

A final point I want to make is that rare items can be difficult to find. The easiest way to obtain them is to buy a set of 6 from the Limited Time IAP Offers. Once you have found something suitable for you, you can then purchase the pack. If you’re in RAID Shadow Legends’ middle or late game, the item stats of the objects are the most important as they have the greatest effect on a champions’ power. To get the highest stats on high-level item, grind high-level Dungeons daily and take the Clan boss every day.

Faction Wars runes can be used to boost the stats of your items. You have 12 keys per day that allow you to beat various levels. Higher levels mean you have more chances of getting a glyph. Also, higher level glyphs can increase your base stats more than lower ones. It is important to note that these glyphs can be stacked. So, first use level 1, then level 2, and so forth.

One last thing: masteries are what you should add. These will give your champion an extra boost like increasing stats, or something like “Heals your champion x% every time an enemy gets heal.” The scrolls you get from Dungeons will only allow you to upgrade your first masteries. However, once you have upgraded them, you will need to purchase more scrolls. You will need more rare scrolls once you reach a certain level. They are less common and also drop less often. There are three types of scrolls. The higher your dungeon level, the more scrolls you will be able to get. It can take a while to upgrade your masteries. If you don’t have enough champions, you won’t be able to choose who gets the scrolls.

Buying full scrolls with 900 gems is the easiest way to save time and energy.


RAID: Shadow Legends is a game where your success as a player depends on your ability to generate enough energy to play the game and grind the items you need to level up your champions. You also want the best team possible, so summon them with Shards.

It’s important to note that we won’t be touching Battle Pass in this episode. This is despite it having many of the same things as we discussed here. It’s been a while since the season ended so we’ll be curious to see what the new one looks like!

I know I highlighted a lot of Limited-time IAP offers and Events in this article. But it is with good reason that we look at Turn-based Role-playing Games (iOS), in the US. All of the top 20 titles have these features in their games.

If you don’t want to play RAID: Shadow Legends you can still access deconstructions of thousands more games using GameRefinery. You can also explore data at the genre/sub-genre level and compare features with other players.

If you’re interested in game level data, GameRefinery is the right place to book. It will help you identify the most important features and save you a lot of time while you’re developing your game or Live-ops. Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn, as I am more than happy for a chat!

Ps. Ps. I must say, I haven’t regretted any purchase. All purchases allowed me to continue the way I wanted.

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