Lighting Kits For YouTube Videos

There are many reasons why you need lighting to make YouTube videos look their best.

  • Professional lighting is key. You want your audience to continue watching you if you look professional. Bad lighting can make it difficult to see and give a poor impression of your abilities.
  • Good lighting is crucial for your viewers to be able to clearly see the colors and techniques you are using, whether you’re demonstrating makeup or a tutorial.
  • Your message should be reflected in the mood you create. You can use different lighting styles and intensities to give your audience subtle cues and make them feel the way you want.
  • Good lighting attracts the eye to what you want. Contrasty lighting can make objects or people stand out.
  • This article will discuss the best lighting equipment for YouTube to create professional lighting that will keep your viewers interested, even if you’re a beginner.

Softboxes can be translucent boxes in different sizes and shapes that fit over a studio lamp.

Softboxes are great for YouTube lighting because they filter out the bright glare of the lightbulb. This creates a soft, even, and almost shadowless light for your subject.

Many softbox kits, such as Spectrum’s ‘Illuminate Mate’ Double Rectangle Softbox Lightbox Kit, come with two softboxes. This allows you to position one on either side of your subject for even lighting. These large softboxes can cover larger areas and can be used to add ring lights or other lighting equipment for more control.

The Spectrum Kreator Kit’ Double Rectangle Dimmable Led 3000-6500k Softbox Bi-Colored Lighting has dimmable lighting. It comes with three lighting options: daylight, warm and daylight. The kit comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the lighting from anywhere in your home.

Lighting Equipment List

Here’s how to use softboxes for your YouTube lighting setup:

  • Softboxes (two are the best)
  • Light stands – These are sturdy, adjustable stands that can hold your softboxes and lights securely so they don’t fall over.
  • Lighting – You need constant lighting to shoot video. You can choose from tungsten bulbs or LED panels.

How to set up your lighting equipment

  • You will need to be able to set up your lighting equipment to get the best YouTube lighting.
  • It is a good idea to place your subject in the middle between the two lights. The lights should be at an angle. Think of it as a triangle with your subject at one end and the lights at the other. Here is a diagram.

Ring Lighting

This is the most popular YouTube LED lighting kit for photography for makeup and beauty vloggers. A ring light is a panel or lightbulb that has a ring-shaped shape. It creates a flattering, even light around your face. Its shape allows you to direct your camera through the center of the band to film.

Ring light kits like the Spectrum Aurora 13” LED Pro Ring Light Kit-Mini Pearl, the Spectrum Aurora 19” LED Ring Light Kit-Diamond Luxe V1, the Spectrum Aurora19” LED Ring Light Kit-Gold Luxe V1 and the Spectrum Aurora19” LED Ring Light Kit-Gold Luxe to include all you need for lighting.

Lighting Equipment List

  • A ring light (you have the ability to change the color temperature by attaching a snap-on filter).
  • A ring light stand. A ring light stand. These stands can be used to hold your ring light safely while you film. Some have adjustable goosenecks that allow you to position the light at the ideal angle for your subject.
  • Additional lighting can be provided by softboxes and lamps. You can use a ring light to film, but you will need additional softboxes or lights to provide even lighting.

How to set up your lighting equipment

  • You will only need one ring light if you are using it. Place it in front of the subject so that it shines evenly across their face. The ring light should not be placed too close to your subject.
  • If you want to set up a softbox and ring light setup, place the ring lamp directly in front of the subject, but add two softboxes, one on each side.

LED Lighting

For YouTube lighting setups, LED panels such as the Spectrum Crystal Luxe 9” Dimmable LED Sidefill Light (3200-5500k) and the Yongnuo YN300 AIR Double Colour Adjustable Professional LED Light Kit (Yongnuo YN300Air Double Colour Adjustable Professional LED Light Kit) are rapidly becoming popular.

These panels contain many individuals LED bulbs and are made up of one panel. They are easy to set up and remove, and they can also be transported easily. They are also cooler than tungsten lights, which is a huge advantage. They also stay cool while being used, which is a huge bonus.

Lighting Equipment List

  • Two LED light panels
  • Modifiers. Use LED light panels with a lighting modifier such as a softbox.
  • Two light stands. These can be used to hold your light panels safely while you are shooting.

How to set up your lighting equipment

  • You can light a kit with two panels of LEDs by following the same procedure as a two-softbox kit. (See diagram in the Softbox Section).

Point Lighting (Ring Light, LED Lighting)

YouTube lighting setups are known as “3-point lighting” because they have three lights: the main light, fill light, and background light.

  • The main (or key) light – This should be stronger than any of the other lights and point directly at the subject’s face, just below eye level.
  • The fill light – This light fills in any shadows left behind by the key light to create a more pleasing appearance.
  • The background light – Point this light at your background to get some light that will separate your subject from the background.
  • The ring light is your main light and the LED panels are your fill and background lights. The Spectrum Aurora Gold Luxe Ring Light 3-Point LED YouTube Pro Kit, the Spectrum Aurora13″
  • Mini Pearl Complete Studio Ring Light Softbox Kit and the Spectrum Aurora19″ Diamond Luxe Complete Makeup and Beauty Studio Ring Light Softbox Kit have all the lights needed to create professional 3-point YouTube lighting.

Lighting Equipment List

  • Main light – Ring light
  • Fill light – LED panel or Softbox
  • Background light – LED panel, Softbox or background light
  • Light stands

How to set up your lighting equipment

  • The diagram below shows you how to set up 3-point lighting.

Natural Lighting (With a Reflector)

Natural lighting is an easy way to achieve good video lighting. You can use a window to lighten your subject. The glass creates a natural light that wraps around the subject, especially if it is frosted.

Lighting Equipment List

  • A reflector such as the Hypop Large 5-in-1 Mirror Disc (43″/110cm).
  • A reflector stand (optional, but it helps you position your reflector precisely)

How to set up your lighting equipment

  • Place your camera near the window and place your reflector so that the light bounces off the glass to fill in the shadows on the subject’s face.


It is not difficult to create professional YouTube lighting that will enhance your videos. These are some additional tips to make sure your videos look their best.

For a professional look, remove all shadows from your subject’s eyes
Make sure you spend some time prepping your shoot and that all of your lighting is set up before you start.
Glasses glare is a serious problem! The unfortunate problem with glasses is that they catch the light, which can cause reflections in the lenses. You can fix this by moving the subject or the lights so you don’t see the reflections.

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