Modders allow players to experience Online in new and exciting ways. While some players prefer to stick with the basic graphical enhancements, others go beyond that and take the game to new heights that even Rockstar wouldn’t be willing to accept. The players have considered everything, from character changes to creating new maps for others.

It can be difficult to choose which mods to try out with so many available. We have put together this list of the top Online mods that players can try. Don’t get too excited flying around as Iron Man.

Fans of GTA Online create new mods all the time, but few people realize just how simple it is to modify the game. Follow these simple steps and you can be on your way. Rockstar does not want to see people ruin the experience by modding the game. This is something you should keep in mind when modding the game. It can quickly lead someone to being put on the banlist. This will stop a player ever from playing online again.

Steps to Modify GTA Online

Although there are many methods to modify GTA Online, download here, there are only a handful of options. Most players stick with a small number of programs. Copying the GTAV program is one of the first steps in modding. A second copy of the game allows players to have both a modified and clean version. It is easy to download one of the many modding programs available. These are some of the best:

  • ScripthookV
  • OpenIV
  • ScriptHookVDotNet
  • Rage Plugin Hook

Once you have the programs installed, you can start downloading mods. There are many programs that can be used to install mods. However, players can also download mods from other websites. is the most popular. Players will need to download the mods and then use the different programs to install them. They will then be able to play GTA without mods.

Bank Robberies

Creator FelixTheBlackCat created a mod that allows players rob banks on the GTA Online Map. You can only rob a certain amount of money from each bank. This can be anywhere from twenty thousand to twenty million. Every robbery awards you a wanted level for your criminal activity while you try to get the cash bank to your safe place to secure it.

You can also break into ATMs to steal additional cash, which can range from five hundred to eleven thousands dollars. There is no need to keep track of your cash.

LSPD First Responders

It’s possible to get bored playing as a criminal after a while. There is a mod that lets players play as a member the LSPD. You can still enjoy the thrills of GT, but not in a way that will get you arrested by the police. This mod allows you to pull people over, engage in shootouts, bust drug cartels and much more. You can even interact with NPCs. If they are not already desired, this can be a great way of trolling people.

Iron Man Armor

The Brazilian modder created this next mod. It allows you to wear the Iron Man costume and fly around Los Santos as a hero (or villain). The armor is equipped with a variety of weapons, including a machine gun, laser beam and pulse cannon, which you can use to destroy your enemies. You can also fly around Los Santos at extreme speed.

You can unlock the full power of the Iron Man suit to flip cars and propel yourself forward in traffic. We just need the Hulk for the final touch.

funny vehicles

This mod allows you to add additional vehicles to your journeys around the globe. This mod was created by Israelsr. allows you to ride comfortably around Los Santos in vehicles such as the Star Warsspeeder bicycle or the Flintstones’foot powered car.

You can also choose an actual DeLoreon or Tie Fighter if flying is your thing. This mod will provide hours of entertainment for you and your friends. To increase the number of Star Wars vehicles, he should think about adding the Millenium Falcon.

Vice City Expansion

This mod has been a favorite of many players and is a DLC many would love to see added to GTA IV Online. This mod was made by Lunchxbles. It brings Vice City’s vibrant 80s-inspired world to Los Santos.

To enhance the experience, it even contains random scenarios. It would be nice if Rockstar would add this DLC to the online game mode. But at least modders know what fans want.

Get to Prison

Modder Marhex created a mod to allow you to go to jail instead of having the cops shoot you. You can go to prison and have the experience without having to wait in court. If you wish, you can even bail out yourself as long as you have enough cash.

This mod allows you to escape even if you don’t have bail or the money to. If you’re in a violent mood and want to kick some teeth, you can also start a riot.


Are you fed up with traffic constantly getting in your way? What about the annoying police officers who keep running you off of the road? User Kanersps found a solution. Carmageddon mod allows cars to explode as you move by leaving a destruction wherever they go.

You can say goodbye to the annoying cops. They won’t be allowed to touch you, and they will burn you to death. This will teach them not to touch you again.

Open All Interiors

The worst thing about GTA? It’s that you can see all the beautiful buildings from your street, but not go inside them. NewTheft created a mod to allow you to view most buildings in Los Santos.

You can even access all floors from some buildings with working elevators. This mod adds every open location to the map with an indicator and marks which locations can be robbed. For more information about the buildings that can be entered, visit his page. There are many of them.

Mobile Radio

Without some music, it can be boring to walk around Los Santos’ streets. Although the atmosphere is nice, it lacks the real-life feel of music blaring through the streets as in California. This mod by XMOD adds a portable radio to allow you to listen to your favorite radio stations on the move.

It’s a great way to relax listening to rap or rock music while you walk. This amplifies your experience with the game in a way you might not expect.

Just Cause Grappling Hook

Sometimes, causing chaos can get a bit old. GTA Online has a limited number of weapons. There is a mod that allows players the ability to use a grappling hook guns instead of a standard rocket launcher or minigun. The mod allows players to use a grappling hook weapon to swing across buildings and scale walls, as well as hijack police helicopters. This mod allows players to grapple with a police helicopter, pull the cop out, and even take the wheel.

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