Buy These Caravan Gadgets For Greater Trip Experience

There are many possibilities on the market, but what is the greatest caravan gadget? It can be difficult to tell, but the Practical Caravan Awards 2022 can help.

We’ve sifted through decades of industry knowledge to find the best gadget for your caravan, as well as the best contenders, so you can improve your experience and have the best traveling season yet.

The most useful caravan gadget is…

Kettle collapsible by Outwell

In our Awards, the biggest, shiniest, and most expensive products aren’t usually the winners. Take, for example, this fantastic piece of gear, whose selling point is that it collapses totally flat. When room is at a premium in a caravan, which it always is no matter how big a model you have, an ingenious sonerdy item like this is the ideal tool.

The kettle is designed to be used on the stovetop and opens and folds quickly. It is also break resistant and easy to clean. This particular model is lime green and measures 14.5cm high and 16.5cm in diameter, with a volume of 1.5 litres. It’s the perfect gift for that special caravaner in your life.

Other notable caravan gadgets include…

There are a slew of other gadgets you might want to bring on tour with you – we’ve rounded up the finest of the rest below.

Two-Seater Knaap Bicycle

This powerful ebike is an object of desire because to its funky style and useful functions. It’s a two-seater with seven-speed Shimano gears and five degrees of pedal assist that’s road legal for carrying two passengers up to a combined weight of 28 stone. This ebike stands out because to its large load capacity and high-torque motor.

Knapp Bikes charges £2299 for this bike.

Roam Speaker by Sonos

With this drop-resistant, waterproof, portable speaker with a built-in rechargeable battery, you can take the party on the road. It has voice control and allows you to enjoy multiroom listening via WiFi or Bluetooth® streaming.

Jerrycan, the Lifesaver

This 18.5-litre tank contains a filter that removes 99.9% of bacteria and certain viruses if you’re going off the grid. This is a game changer for outdoor travelers since it can rapidly transform tainted tap water, dubious bottled water, or even polluted water from rivers, lakes, and puddles into safe, drinkable water.

Lifesaver’s price is £249.99.

Large Motor Vehicle First Aid Kit from St John Ambulance

This comprehensive first aid package is ideal for larger minibuses or seasonal motorcaravanners. It includes heat-retaining foil blankets, dressing pads, sterile cleansing wipes, and a range of dressings and plasters.

St John’s Ambulance charges £30.60.

Mirrors Milenco Grand Aero Platinum

The arms of these mirrors are one length (ideal for both regular and 2.5m-wide caravans) and thicker than other mirrors, providing them additional stability and reducing vibration. We found them to be quite effective — steady and vibration-free.

Milenco’s price is £89.99.

Traveler Gas Barbecue by Weber

The Traveler makes barbecue on the road significantly easier with its slimline shape and collapsible cart. The high-quality porcelain-enamelled frying grates give a big cooking surface, and the tool hooks are a convenient feature.

Safe 361C by Dometic

This mechanical safe has a capacity of 24 litres and can hold a 15-inch laptop, making it ideal for protecting your vehicle’s belongings. Two 18mm solid steel bolts and an LED 4-digit guest code give great security for your belongings.

At Dometic, the price is £225.

Minipresso Wacaco

For those who need a solid coffee fix on the road, this tiny and lightweight espresso maker is ideal. Simply place ground coffee in the filter basket, apply pressure to level the grind, add hot water, and pressurize with a few strokes to produce revitalizing espresso.

Wacaco prices start at £46.90.

Stovetop Omnia

This smart gadget allows you to prepare oven delicacies right on the hob thanks to its innovative three-part design, which includes the pan, the base, and the cover. In an Omnia, you can do anything you can do in a regular oven: heat, bake, and cook.

Omnia’s price is £49.99.

Pizza Ooni Fyra Ooni Fyra Ooni Fyra Ooni Fy

It’s difficult to know where to start with so many pizza ovens on the market, but the wood-fired Fyra weighs just 10kg, reaches 500oC in 15 minutes, and cooks a 12in pizza in as little as 60 seconds. The real wood-fired flavor is outstanding.

Mini GPS Tracker iTrack

This handy device records your vehicle’s location and sends Google Map data through SMS or via the free app. Suitable for tracking the location of your car, bike, vulnerable family members, or any other asset you wish to keep track of.

Slip-Stop by MP-Innovative

Do you need to get to the roof of your caravan? Slip-Stop secures your ladder to the side of the caravan, then you to your ladder with lanyards to keep you safe in the event of a slip or fall.

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