2021 Top Entertainment Apps for Android

These are the top entertainment apps for Android

These are our favorite Android apps to have fun on your smartphone or tablet. You can watch videos, read, socialize, and much more.


Free + Optional Subscription

Bookly is designed to make reading a habit and track how many books you have read. This tool uses many tools, but it simply asks how many books you would like to read over the next year and how long each day or week.

It will then remind you to read at these times and push you towards your reading goals.

The Bookly app allows you to add books and track your progress. It works with both paper and digital books. If the app is unable to find the right edition, you can manually enter the number of pages in a book. This was the case with our current novel.

Bookly also tracks how many consecutive days you have read, how many pages you’ve viewed and how long you spent reading them over the past seven to thirty days. You can also unlock achievements, which are all free.

Bookly Pro is $4.99/PS4.49 per month. You can get discounts if your commitments are for six months or one year. The app will no longer have a limit of 10 books, which is almost essential to continue using it. It unlocks all kinds of stats and ambient sounds.

Pokemon Home

Unlimited Subscriptions

Pokemon House is something most serious Pokemon collectors and those who plan to play more than one Pokemon games are likely to be interested.

This Android app acts as a home or cloud storage. You can move them between supported games (including Pokemon Sword or Shield) and Pokemon Home. Once they are added to your in-app Pokedex, you can view them on your phone at any moment.

Pokemon Home allows you to trade with other Pokemon owners and transfer your Pokemon to supported games. This is a huge part of Pokemon Home.

While the core service is completely free, you will need to pay to store more than 30 Pokemon.

The price you pay will vary depending on whether you choose a 1-month plan for $2.99/PS2.99 or a 3-month plan for $4.99/PS4.99 or a 12-month plan for $15.99/PS15.99 as of the writing. Premium plans also allow you to access other features, like the ability to move Pokemon using Pokemon Bank.


No cost + Subscription

Disney+ is Disney’s Netflix competitor. The Android app allows you to access Disney’s extensive library of TV and film content on your smartphone or tablet. It also offers exclusive content like The Mandalorian.

You can download or stream content, so you don’t have to worry about it. And with Disney’s huge library, there is a lot of content available on the first day. This makes this content a must-have for Disney fans.

You will need to subscribe to the Android app. However, you can get a free seven-day trial. This should give you enough time to decide if Disney’s catalog is right for you.


Stadia Google’s big bet to get into game streaming and gaming. You can play AAA console or PC games on your phone, tablet, or TV screen. Google’s hardware handles the heavy lifting, and then streams them over the internet.

This means that you can pick up your device from wherever you left it. You don’t even have to wait for the games to download. All you need is a fast Wi-Fi connection.

That and compatible hardware are what limits you to Pixel handsets, Chromecast Ultra and a few other devices at the time.

The Stadia Android app allows you to access the same games as on a gaming PC or Xbox One, but with a Google Pixel 4. You can expect to see more devices and phones support Stadia in the future.

YouTube Kids

YouTube has a lot of great content, but it also contains a lot of inappropriate content. YouTube Kids is the solution, provided you don’t want them to monitor their viewing. This app has been around for some time and has only gotten better.

You can choose an age range to show your child. The app will only show them content that is appropriate for their age. However, you can filter out what they can access and cannot.

YouTube Kids allows you to create multiple profiles so that you can have different safe spaces for each child.

You can also allow them to set timers that limit their viewing time, view the history of what they’ve seen, and choose to allow them to search for videos manually or only on channels verified by YouTube Kids.

You have lots of control, your children get access to a lot more content, and all this is wrapped up in an Android app that’s fun to use.

Trill Project

Trill Project allows you to follow and reply to topics, as well as post content related to your topic, and even message other users in private.

Anonymity is maintained by not having a profile picture and custom username. However, there are some apps and services where abusive behavior can be rampant. Content is moderated and a strong focus is placed on supporting users.

Trill Project covers a lot of topics that can be considered heavy, such as sexuality, loneliness, and mental health. However, there is plenty of lighter content.

If you are interested in more, check out Venos Tech.


Goodreads focuses on finding, reviewing, and logging books. It’s essential for avid readers.

You can search Goodreads for a book you like. It will show you the average user rating and often hundreds of reviews. Are you still interested? You can then add it to your “want to read” list so that you don’t forget about the books you love.

Goodreads can also help you find other books by the same author or books that have been enjoyed by readers. This makes it easier to find similar content. You can also find lists of books that cover a variety of topics, which will help you dig deeper and discover books you may not have otherwise.

You can rate and review books you have read and also add friends to Goodreads. Goodreads can sometimes feel a lot like a book-focused social media network.

It’s a dream come true for book lovers.


Free and various IAP

Smartphones have opened up new experiences through smartphones. One great example is .

Unrd is an Android app that can be considered a game and an Android application. It allows you to “live another’s life” through overlaying a fake phone screen. This interface represents a character from a story. You can view their messages, including audio and photos, and create a story using them.

However, you won’t be able to grasp the entire story at once. New messages will arrive over time and make the experience more real.

There are many stories in this collection, so there are more than one.

It is worth noting that Unrd differs from a Normal Lost Phone. While they are conceptually identical, the latter allows you to interact more, allowing you to do things such as figure out passwords for access to locked parts of your phone. Unrd is more like a story, while it’s more like a game.

While the core app is completely free, IAP can unlock additional content or speed up access to it. It appears that future stories could be locked behind IAP, but all available IAP seem free at the time.

VLC for Android

is a video player app that you’re likely to have used before. It’s worth revisiting even if you’ve tried it before.

The app is completely free and offers almost all the features you would expect from a video player. This includes extensive file support (such AVI, MOV and Ogg), support for DVD ISOs and network streams, as well as the ability to adjust the aspect ratio and alter the sound quality with equalizers and filters.

These are only the highlights. There are many other features that you can explore beyond these. VLC’s orange-colored scheme is not something we love, but it’s the only thing that we have to complain about. The black theme can hide the problem.

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